Carol of the Barenaked Ladies' Bells
for Percussion Quartet
Inspired by the 'Carol of the Bells' version recorded by the
Barenaked Ladies on 'Barenaked for the Holidays'

Traditional (Ukraine) / Arranged by John Currey

Carol Of The Barenaked Ladies' Bells - Cover

I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch during late fall of 2012, when an unfamiliar version of a most famous Ukrainian folk tune--one of my favorite Christmastime melodies since childhood--started playing in the background. After doing a bit of digging, I tracked it down, and, low and behold, it was the Barenaked Ladies’ version of Carol of the Bells. I would have never imagined BNL would have recorded even one Christmas track, not to mention the release of a complete holiday album back in 2004 titled Barenaked for the Holidays. I could easily ‘hear’ the BNL arrangement as a percussion ensemble even on that first listening, and, the resulting setting of same famous Ukrainian folk melody onto Percussion Quartet is what you have here.

Carol of the Barenaked Ladies' Bells - Score p. 1

Not meant to be an exact note-per-note transcription, Carol of the Barenaked Ladies’ Bells is an enjoyable arrangement conceived for percussion ensemble that is very faithful to the translucent, retro flavor and playfulness that makes the BNL Carol of the Bells so captivating and infectious! Instrumentation includes Vibraphone, Low-C 5-octave Marimba (or 2 smaller Marimbas with Bass Marimba transposing up 1-octave), Suspended Cymbal, and two bowed Gongs.

Carol of the Barenaked Ladies' Bells - Score p. 7

Consistent in quality and thoughtfulness to the Fiesta Series of Mexican Marimba arrangements you may be 
familiar with, Carol of the Barenaked Ladies’ Bells is accessible to most college and university percussion ensembles, as well as many advanced high school percussion programs. Do you teach younger experienced percussionists not yet versed in 4 mallet technique? NO problem--split up the mallet parts for a fun performance by up to seven players!

Enjoy, and make it a BNL Christmas!

-John Currey, Percussionist
Arranger of Carol of the Barenaked Ladies’ Bells


PDF Packet (Score + 4 Parts) $25.00

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